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Saving on supplementary insurance

Family is close to our heart. Saving made easy. With supplementary insurance, there are various discounts you can benefit from. We are there for you – also when it comes to tips on making savings:

Family discount 

Children under the age of 18 years receive a 50% family discount on ÖKK FAMILY and ÖKK FAMILY FLEX supplementary insurance policies, while young people between 19 and 25 receive a discount of 20%.


Requirements: At least one parent and the child take out basic insurance as well as one of these supplementary insurance policies with ÖKK. The minimum duration of the contract for the entire family is three years.

3rd child free of charge

From the third child, you receive the supplementary insurance free of charge. The following conditions apply in this regard:


  • The child lives in the same household with one parent and both older siblings;
  • The child is insured under the same family policy; 
  • The child is insured under the basic insurance with ÖKK; 
  • Both older siblings are not older than 25, are insured under basic insurance with ÖKK and have, as a minimum, equal supplementary insurance cover to the third child; and 
  • One parent has taken out basic insurance with ÖKK as well as an in-patient or out-patient supplementary insurance policy.
We also cover the premium for newborns in the month they are born.

Multi-year discount

The standard insurance term lasts one year. If you decide to take out a three-year insurance policy, then you also benefit from a three percent discount on all supplementary insurance. 


The condition is that all your insurance policies have the same expiry date.


After the expiry of this three-year insurance term, your insurance cover is automatically renewed by another year. The discount no longer applies. You will receive the discount again if you choose an insurance duration of three year.

Other: The multi-year discount can be combined with other ÖKK discounts.

No-claims discount

The no-claims discount applies to the following supplementary hospital insurance policies: ÖKK COMBI GENERAL, ÖKK COMBI COMFORT, ÖKK COMBI FLEX, ÖKK COMBI SEMI-PRIVATE, ÖKK COMBI PRIVATE, ÖKK COMBI GLOBAL and ÖKK SALTO

With this system, we give you a bonus in the form of a 30% discount on your hospital insurance premiums. 

You can find further information about this discount on the fact sheet.

Loyalty discount

We reward your loyalty to ÖKK with a 7.5 % discount on the following supplementary hospital insurance policies: ÖKK COMBI FLEX, ÖKK COMBI SEMI-PRIVATE, ÖKK COMBI PRIVATE or ÖKK COMBI GLOBAL. You will receive the discount from the start of the year following your 60th birthday. 

Combination discount

When taking out one of the following packages, you will receive a discount of 20% on the premiums for your ÖKK PREMIUM policy:

Deductible for all supplementary hospital insurance policies

You will receive a premium discount by setting an annual deductible for the supplementary hospital insurance policies ÖKK COMBI SEMI-PRIVATE, ÖKK COMBI PRIVATE and ÖKK COMBI GLOBAL. If you opt for this savings option, you will pay the first 2,000 or 5,000 Swiss francs, depending on the deductible, for treatment costs yourself. 


You usually pay your premiums monthly. But you can also pay your premiums every two months, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. If you chose to pay in advance either semi-annually or annually, ÖKK grants the following discounts:

  • Annual prepayment: 1% discount
  • Semi-annual prepayment: 0.5% discount

So why does ÖKK grant you a discount? If you pay your premiums in advance on an annual or semi-annual basis, this helps reduce our administrative costs. We pass on these savings directly to you. 

Advice and contact

We would be pleased to advise you on our insurance products and services.