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Internships at ÖKK

Are you looking for a varied internship to expand your horizons? Are you interested in an exciting role in the health insurance sector to help you enter the world of work? 

Career options

ÖKK offers commercial internships lasting between three and twelve months for economics students, commerce students, high-school graduates and undergraduates in various departments and regions. Are you interested? Then apply online with your letter of motivation, CV and references. We publish our open internship spaces under Vacancies.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Vera Döbeli will be happy to assist you on 058 456 12 24.

Intern’s diary: first-hand experience of ÖKK

What is it like completing an internship at ÖKK? Interns provide insights into their experiences and thoughts about ÖKK. Have fun browsing!

Eliane Gees – January to December 2016

The chocolate- and nature-lover Eliane Gees is in the final year of her Multimedia Production degree. She is completing the last part of her studies together with ÖKK. In her diary you will find out just how she can have a big impact in the company, even as an intern.

Thank you and goodbye

Where did the time go? It seems like I’ve only just begun my internship, yet the end is just around the corner. I will be leaving ÖKK with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

My baby

You need to be extremely well prepared before a baby is born. It makes no difference whether it's big or little.

A backpack full to the brim

The last stage of my journey has drawn to a close. But the adventure doesn’t stop here. All that remains is a rucksack packed to the brim with know-how, expertise and many great experiences.

On the move with ÖKK

I have already taken part in various running events with ÖKKfit. The program continues to provide me with amusing experiences and gives me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.

ÖKK Italiana

A lot of laughter, a few drops of sweat, and kind people: these are my memories of the day I spent with our “Italian” colleagues in Lugano.

Embracing the informal culture

The informal culture at ÖKK makes work more straightforward and creates a pleasant atmosphere. I really appreciate this and I like that people’s names appear on the phones when they call you. Why?

“Everyone get ready!”

Fetching some fresh coffee, photocopying or any other clichéd task given to interns – certainly not at ÖKK. I was (mostly) in charge of the annual film project.

As one journey ends ...

I began with a lightly packed backpack, which has since become full of knowledge, experiences and adventures. My journey is coming to an end. But there’s still a bit more space in my backpack...

Andrea Müller – January to August 2015

As the first Multimedia Production student to work as an intern in ÖKK’s Corporate Communications department, it was no surprise that Andrea liked to communicate with others. How was the start of her internship? What sort of people work at ÖKK? What customs and rituals are there at the company? And how do you go about combining university work with an internship? You can find out the answers to these questions and much more in Andrea’s diary.

Intern's diary

Find out how Andrea Müller found her internship in ÖKK’s Corporate Communications department. She provides a completely honest insight into her time at the company. Have fun reading!